Q1. What are the advantages of preorder?

Official poster in hard tube case would be provided if purchased with unfoled poster option (poster itself is free but shipping fee is charged at each poster separately during order process). If customer preordered new release with ordinary item together, then we will ship them together with preordered item once released.


Q2. What is your currency here?

USD is our basic currency and other various currencies are also acceptable. Customer is advised to be careful of currency exchange rate if tried to send other currencies rather than USD.


Q3. Buying albums from Kpopmart really counts on hanteo chart?

We count daily K-pop album sales and transfer the data directly to Hanteo so that sales reflect on weekly music chart such as SBS Ingigayo, KBS Music Bank, M Countdown and MBC Music Core. Customer can also double check with Hanteo Company or find out official statement issued by Hanteo chart your idol by purchasing albums at official online shop which counts on Hanteo Chart.


Q4. Do you ship to my country?

We ship to world wide (except restricted area)


Order Process


Q1. How do I know this item is available or not?

If “Add to cart” button is shown at the product page, it means product is "available to purchase".


Q2. Which Shipping and delivery option is suitable for me? offers 5 shipping options as small packet air mail, K-Packet, EMS, EMS Premium and DHL express. Find out more information at "Shipping & Tracking" column;


Q3. How much shipping cost would it be to my country?

Shipping fee is fluctuated by various factors as product weight (quantity), ship to country, poster option, shipping method, etc. Please check accurate shipping fee for each shipping method at Phase 4. Shipping and total order amount at Phase 5. Payment during order procedure before completing payment.

Customer can check the small package shipping fee at the first phase as "Summary" during order process and it can be changed if chosen other shipping method at the 4th phase as "Shipping". If added more items, shipping cost will be increased automatically in proportion to product weight and size.


Q4. How do I make my payment for the purchase? currently offers wide range of payment options to customers, all of which are convenient and easily arranged. Customer is able to find a convenient payment option that suits the most. So please select one from payment methods as below;

1. PayPal

2. Wire Transfer to OCBC bank (Singaporean and Malaysian can wire payment via OCBC bank account in SGD.)

3. Wire Transfer to Korea Exchange Bank

4. Western Union Money Transfer.

Find out more information at here;


Q5. I can’t pay by PayPal. What is wrong with that?

There are several possible reasons as below;

<Case 1> If customer's address is different from the one in PayPal, PayPal would not accept your payment sometimes.

<Case 2> If billing address and delivery address are different, PayPal change address information to the account owner's which is registered at their system during payment process. Customer would better to maintain the billing address and delivery address as the same.

- Customer should check order page and send email to if any change or assistance within 24 hours after placed an order

<Case 3>Payment error notification.

Payment error is occurred sometimes due to various reasons. Please send email to then CS team will check the reason of error and let customer know how to clear payment.


Q6. I don’t have a PayPal account but I have a credit. How can I pay?

Customer can pay by credit or debit card with help of PayPal. Please still choose PayPal as a payment method then choose "Pay with credit or debit card" option.


1. Select PayPal as the payment method.


2. Select "Pay with credit or debit card" to check out with credit shown as below.

Customer can pay by one's credit by entering card information. Then follow a few steps instructed to complete payment. PayPal & would not save customer's payment information at all.


Q8. Do you have any other payment option? Wire Transfer or Western Union?

Buyer can transfer money to us through western union money transfer service at local bank. Find out local bank or agency where western union money transfer is applicable and learn more details how to send money to us. Please visit Western Union webpage ( and check instructions.


Beneficiary Information

Beneficiary Name - (first) HONG SUK (last) CHOI

Address - APGUJUNG WM CENTER, Apgujeong-ro 230

City - Seoul (There is no province name, Seoul is the capital of South Korea)

Country: South Korea

Postal Code - 06023


Please send receipt as a photo to after sending payment.

Find out other payment options at "Payment" column as linked;


Q9. Your shipping cost seems to be expensive. Does Kpopmart have a shipping free option?

Our motto is “the lowest K-POP CD provider on the planet”. Which means CD margin is quite low and we do not have extra room to allow free shipping because international shipping charge itself is expensive originally and it is all different from country to country. Like other online shops, if we are selling CD at expensive price and then we may be able to provide free shipping service. But we think our way of business is more benefit to customers. Customer can compare our price with other providers. They say they provide free shipping but product price is much higher than our total amount including shipping fee though it is deferent from the items.


Q10. If I win the contest / event / giveaway, do I have to pay for shipping?

Of course not, we pay shipping cost. Event winner just wait a while and enjoy the prize.


Q11. What is the DVD Region Code?

DVDs sold globally are typically encoded to restrict their use to specific locations. That is, a DVD assigned a specific "Region Code" can only be played within the areas specified in that Region Code. The DVD Region Code can usually be found on the back of the DVD package. It is therefore important that user makes sure that DVD is compatible with user's DVD player.


Q12. How can I buy old CDs?

Please send email to at once. We can find out and inform customer if the old CD is available or not. Then customer can buy it individually if it is available.


After Order

Q1. How many days does it take to deliver if I select small packet air mail service?

Normal delivery period of small package is 3~4 weeks from shipped date but it is just estimated period from out experience for years and it can be faster or later due to local postal circumstances or other reasons. In some countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Philippines, Italy, etc., delivery might be delayed up to 60 business days or more due to local postal circumstances.


Q2. What is a tracking number for my items?

Tracking number is issued for K-Packet, EMS and DHL shipping only. Shipment notification is emailed including tracking number as photos once package is dispatched then customer can trace shipment at each tracking sites.

* K-Packet & EMS; or

* DHL;

* Small packet air mail is not traceable originally, means tracking number is not issued. Find out more information at "Shipping & Tracking" column;


Q3. Do I have to pay customs tax?

It depends on the customs at destination country. Product price at is including tax but sometimes customs of destination country charges additional tax for the shipment. We do mention product as "gift" and low prices on custom declaration sheet attached on the package to avoid custom issues. If it is not passed through the customs, recipient needs to pick the shipment at the customs directly and pay the tax.



Receiving Package


Q1. I ordered multiple items but received just part of them.

Small packet air mail and K-Packet have 2 kg limitatione per parcel thus products can be sent in 2 or more parcels. We send photos of packge with shipment notification once dispatched thus customer can see how many parcels were sent for one's order from shipment notification mail. Delivery can be different from each parcel according to local postal service circumstance even though packages were shipped out on the the same date.

Q2. I chose non-traceable small pacakge as shipping method and haven’t received my package after passed 40 business days.

Please send email to then CS team will issue investigation request via Korea Postal Service. It may take up to months due to airline's and destination postal service's noncooperation. Once it is figured out that the reason of lost is based on our fault, then we will compensate a certain amount. Otherwise we are not responsible for any missing or damage for non-traceable shipment caused by local postal service at destination country.


Q3. How can I get my package back if it returned?

RSN (Returned Shipment Notification) will be emailed including photos if shipment will be returned to us. Customer can decide after received RSN if you will pay shipping fee for resending and get the shipment back or get refund after deducting initial shipping fee what we paid for sending the package at first. If "non-canceled item" is included in the order, it is not able to cancel but customer should pay shipping fee for resending and get the package back.


Q4. How to get refund?

If customer receive a damaged or defective item, please photos of defective item and original Kpopmart box package to within 14 days of delivery to obtain an authorization for returns or compensation. Please note that unauthorized return may be refused or disregarded. Find out more information by clicking this link.


Q5. If I order a bunch of CDs, one of them is preordered and the rest aren't, do I have to wait till the preorder one comes out?

Yes. If any preorder item is included in the order, all the items would be shipped after the preorder item is released.