We are looking for global retailers who are able to do sales activities successfully through online basis as social commerce became a key factor to success your business as well as Kpop. It would be more efficient and convenient to sell product through online but some sales skills and strategy are required to compete with other sellers in your market. Kpopmart is ready to share our experience and know how to make you safely set up and grow Kpop business. Official Kpop albums and merchandise will be provided at competitive price to support Kpopmart online retailers who can sell and promote Kpop products through social commerce sites such as Groupon.




- Basic retail business experience required (more than 2 years).

- Business license officially issued by the public institutions in your country.

- Social commerce and social media freiendly skills.

- Basic photoshop skill for editing and posting.

- Suitable size of warehouse or space for inventory required.

- Resume with photo ID, passport and personal statement with detailed business plan required.



Below information should be included in personal statement.

① Brief introduction on current social commerce business status in your country.

② Brief introduction on Kpop fever (Hallyu wave) and business opportunity in your country.

③ Detailed sales plan and marketing strategy to run Kpop business through social commerce and to compete other online shops.

④ Local postage scheme with postage pricing and expected delivery time in your country. You sould find out competitive local courier service which can give you the best deal for delivery service.

⑤ You should plan monthly sales schedule through various social commerce sites or other means of online sales.



Business Process

- Normally preorder begins a week before official release date. Detailed informaion such as price and classification would be provided as soon as we get so that you are able to list a preorder deal for the new album and other products.

- You may decide competitive product price after calculating local delivery fee and other costs.

* We recommend free shipping policy if possible because most of customers do not want to spend extra cost for shipping when they place orders in local shops. You many save some delivery cost if you send the products in bulk. So please check delivery fee with the local post office, logistics companies and courier services for further discussion.

- You would promote product sales and manage CS work through phone call and emailing. Please note that those works are all your responsibilities. You need to take care of local customers directly.

- As soon as the deal ends with us, you would calculate total item quantity you sold and place an order at with "bankwire payment option" as the payment method then order number would be created. You need to send us your order number so that we are able to inform you total amount including shipping fee. Then we will send the products after checking your payment. Please note that shipping fee will be charged separately at every order.

- You would pack the albums and posters in your own way and ship out them everywhere in local. You should prepare hard tube cases if you want to sell the albums with unfolded posters. Please note that hard tube case weight and size should be calculated for your pricing.



Deals and Benefits

- The lowest express shiping fee would be offered to support your business. You can save the delivery time and shipping cost.

- We will help you to save local custom tax by lowering invoice price. It will be mentioned as "Business Sample" on the commercial invoice because the customs imposes lower tax rate for samples.

- Normally 15% discount rate will be given for preorder albums and 20% discount rate for normal albums.*

- We will provide you with autographed CDs and freebies such as mini photos so that you are able to promote your deal more successfully.

- Free posters will be given for preorder sales. You can use decide the poster packing options as folded/unfolded or no poster by yourself.

- Product image with detailed information will be emailed as soon as it is available.

- Replacement of damaged products or defective items will be available at your shipping cost. Replaced item will be sent in next shipment.




① Above discount rate would be applied for albums only. For other merchandise, discount rate would be managed according to the market situation.

② Products in an order may be delivered in two times or more due to manufacturing or supplying issues.

③ If part of products would not be supplied due to some reasons, it would be replaced to other products in next shipment or the payment of next order would be reduced.

④ For the products which is not able to refund or replace, it will be noticed through preliminary announcement.



Useful Tips

- Normally whole packaging for 1 copy of album is less than 1kg without poster in tube.

- You can offer free shipping according to the deal with the customers.

- You can promote an event or giveaway with autographed CDs what we provided. Surely it may enhance your sales directly.



You are always welcome to success with Kpopmart if you have passion and big love of Kpop. We are just ready to help with our partners in the long term and assist your business as much as we can. Please email us for further assistance.